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Hole-eating in suspension

Written By: admin - Dec• 06•12

With your hands fastened above your head and legs spread wide, you are in the perfect position for some close-contact fun. You are equally helpless and accessible and by the juice your pussy starts producing I can see that this is a turn-on for you. I’ll eat your hole hard while you can’t move any of your limbs

Glitz and objects

Written By: admin - Nov• 29•12

This sexy glossy outfit always makes me feel incredibly horny. The moment I pull these sparkling garments on, a devil wakes up inside me. There is no other way I can explain my urge to punish myself with these steel clamps and stuff. Heat builds up down my crotch and I have to tame it anyway…

Vacuumed flesh

Written By: admin - Nov• 22•12

He was above me, naked, with a swelling cock and menacing vacuum tools at hand. My nipples were already covered by the air-sucking glass, and that gave a very strange yet totally exciting sensation. I felt my blood was ready to boil. I could only gasp when I felt cold glass approaching my clit.

Hole filled with balls

Written By: admin - Nov• 15•12

You’re about to feel some raging male power from your mistress, slut First take this fat heavy dong, filling you up to the limit. Got warmed up a bit? Hope you did, because now your orifice will have to accommodate a bead of big black balls, something no man will ever give you I wonder how many balls will go in there…

Playing with mean toys

Written By: admin - Nov• 08•12

This fancy nylon sets me into a totally crazy mood. The caress of its embrace makes warm waves rise below my stomach, which reach my brain and tell me I have to act quick. My pussy has been a real dirty girl lately I feel like punishing it, and god I have things to use. From this XXL dildo to chains and clips and why can’t I use them all at once?

Sexy shopping

Written By: admin - Nov• 01•12

I love shopping for foodstuffs. No, really. You can find lots of sexy things on your way, without even going to the sex shop or something. Look, this is me after my usual shopping round. The shop was so full of long hard fruits and vegetables I could not but buy all of them. And they’re not only great for pussy play you can eat them, too

A love affair of submission

Written By: admin - Oct• 25•12

Let us play a game of romance. I will be a powerful Victorian lady, and you’ll be a subservient made secretly in love with your mistress. I meet you, teach you some discipline with steel chains, make you fall on your knees and eat my pussy from below. You moan, swallowing every drop of my royal liquids.

Cold steel fun

Written By: admin - Oct• 18•12

I’m totally into these chains with clasps, so small and so strong and so sharp. I especially enjoy the first touch, when my hot swollen flesh is embraced by the cold steel claws. These things look painful, but I’m using them right on my most sensitive bits. And the chains are so great for playing with weight and stretching

Melting candles

Written By: admin - Oct• 11•12

When I play with myself, I feel like a candle, so tight in the beginning and melting away with the fire of passion. This is why I’m so much into candle play. I love stuffing myself with these, even when they are burning, splashing my nudity in hot sticky wax. It reminds me of cock and sperm so much I can hardly keep myself from shoving them all the way in there.

Femdom in a dark dungeon

Written By: admin - Oct• 04•12

I stood their naked, my bare body pressed against the ice cold steel bars. I could barely move because my master was there, behind my back, nearly pressing me into the cage with her power. She bent me over and I felt weakness rise from my toes as the filled me with something really big. It was hard, and then the feeling became softer, I realized it was her nipple touching my hole dripping from urge to submit…

hot little slave bitches pain fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Sep• 27•12

Anfi is a hot little slave bitch, and today is her initiation. She’s actually really looking forward to it, she has wanted to take a serious fetish session for ages now, and this is her chance to proove she can handle the action. Her master gets the punishment underway, pulling her mouth open nice and wide this naughty slave girls already getting turned on. He pulls her mouth forward and then opens it as wide as it could possibly go, I’m sure he was thinking about shoving his cock in there, I know I would be!

Now he takes hold of her nipples between his fingers, just look at how hard he is pulling on them, this has to be causing her some serious pain, but if it is she’s not showing it. Anfi has done really well so far, just like the good little slave girl that she is, but to really test her out he’s going to put some clothes pegs on her, and give her some more bizarre pain fetish. Come and see all the hot action she enjoys now guys, watch the full movie and loads more, just click here.

short haired girl getting fucked hard

Written By: painjunkies - Sep• 22•12

This short haired slave girl is getting the full treatment from her master, he’s making sure he shows this fetish babe some sweet fetish action. Her master decides this horny bitch needs some cock today, and he’s just the person to give it to her. He tells this kinky bitch to bend over, he then gets behind her and shoves his cock into her fetish pussy. Working this babe from behind does the trick, he’s only been banging her for a few seconds but he can already feel the juices flowing inside her now moist cunt.

Now he pulls out his cock and has this bitch sit on his face, he licks her cunt lips and plays with her pussy as she enjoys some hot face sitting fetish. But now it’s time to make her scream once again, so he takes her from behind again and this time around he doesn’t stop fucking her until she screams from the huge orgasm he just made her have. Some people like pleasure, others pain, all this bitch likes is what her master tells her to. Come and see the full clip of this short haired babe fucking now guys click here.

screaming slave girl punished hard

Written By: painjunkies - Sep• 17•12

Look at this unfortunate slave girl as she gets some bizarre action from her master. He’s really taking his fetish punishment out on this girl, making her suffer with some extreme action. She’s totally naked, well except for the black stockings she was allowed to leave on, her master has her standing there waiting for him to be ready. He then takes out his punish tool and with her perky little tits all nice and exposed he knows just where to smack her first, he brings it down hard across her chest and she let’s out a scream as the pain from his force sets in on her body.

He then gets even rougher with her, pushing her to the ground he takes her by the hair, and then as she’s screaming for him to take it easy he pushes her hands behind her back. Now he holds them their until he thinks she’s had enough, but he’s not going to let her go yet. It’s now time for the hardcore pain to get going, He has a few candles in the corner and he’s dying to get some hotwax fetish going on her body. If you want to watch this bitch suffer some more, and I know you do, then click here now and check it out.

Hardcore fisting pain for fetish slut

Written By: painjunkies - Sep• 11•12

This Sado master is about to enjoy one of the most hardcore fetish sessions he’s had in ages, and he’s looking forward to punishing this cheeky bitch. The Master is really giving it to this unsuspecting slave girl, he holds her by the head as he slaps her face and punishes her with some bdsm fetish. After tormenting her with some bizarre looking fetish he finally tells this naughty babe what he’s going to do to her next, he let’s her know that her juicy looking pussy is about to take some serious fisting pain.

I don’t think she was expecting that! The look on her face as he tell’s her his entire fist will be entering her pussy isn’t going down all that well, but she’s bound and chained so there isn’t much this slave girl can do about it. He reaches down to her already nice and moist pussy, he then looks her right in the eyes as he slides his fist inside her waiting pussy. At first it hurts like her, but once the pain goes away this fetish girl is fucking loving it. Come and see the full clip of this smoking hot babe in action now click here.

mature needle pain for older girls

Written By: painjunkies - Sep• 06•12

Check out this hot looking mature needle pain this older bitches are enjoying right now. Some of this looks really painfull but for these mature sluts it’s nothing but pure pleasure. They stand there with them saggy old boobs all exposed and ready, one girl takes hold of the blind folded babes tits and squeezes them together. She holds them firm and tight not letting go of them boobs until her tits are almost turning purple, I’m not sure how these bitches are doing this, it’s not like this wouldn’t cause any normal girl loads of hot fucking pain.

mature needle pain for older girls

But that’s the way these mature girls like it, and from the looks of it their ready to insert some needles into their breasts. The go for the bottom part of the boob first, one of them takes a long skinny needle and slides it into her friends tit, she them makes sure to stick a few more in their as well, there’s no point just having one needle when you can have loads fucking more. Come and see the full action these mature needle loving sluts enjoy guys, click here now and check it out.