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Chinese Chopsticks.

I couldn’t find a better use of hem rather than on a female body. The tongue, nipples, genitals and clitoris of course. So many body parts to experiment with.

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Ass Loading.

With the 5th ball making its way deep into her anus, the girl was already twitching in painful agony and demanded to take everything out of her anus. But she’s right today. The volume of everything in her ass is more and thicker that the size of 3 big cocks in her ass.

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Pussy in the air

She must hate this position. It deprives her of all movement, no ground beneath her feet, and it also must hurt. Not thinking about this much, I spit on her pussy and my balls clash against her butt as I enter this tight tunnel. This is lovely It feels like fucking this slut in space. […]

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My favorite tools. Pierce the skin, the butt, the breast, the nipples and cuntal lips+Feel the bottom’s pain and pleasant satisfaction. Watch her beginning to stream with fear and passion taking over her mind+

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Anus Possibilities.

I wonder how many of these 5 balls will get into her tight anus? The model is quite a hard-working one and I’ll have to work with heranus a bit later.

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