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Just the perfect pose for the slave to get spanked. This slavish pendant is most comfortable for a slave girl to get executed. It’s open from the back side, and as for the rope that is between the legs, it’s possible to make 2 knots both on the clitoris and the pussy. It delights the […]

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Yet again it’s time for this dummy girl to get a little bit more educated. Looks like she learnt nothing from her previous lessons and yet again she dared to look into my eyes. I hope that today’s spanking will make it clear for her that it’s prohibited to raise her eyes over the floor. […]

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Changing sensations

The most amazing thing about all these kinky pleasures is the sudden change of sensations that brings the thrill which defines the entire BDSM scene. Seconds ago this victim of mine had her pulses racing because of the complete movement and sensory deprivation caused by my wrapping. And now I quickly tear off the layers […]

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The Biggest One+

I’ve found the biggest rubber cock in my house. Let’s see how far it will get into my tight pussy. I can assure you that this dildo will never penetrate any ass hole only if it’s not of my foot size+

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Suspended Bondage.

You’ll like my favorite fantasy. I just love to mummify a female body. I go crazy about an up and down suspended female body.

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