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A variety of toys

Expecting women need exercise so why not have some exercise with all of the toys I have got? Now I’ll go from smaller ones to the biggest sticks I have They feel so lovely inside my pulsating snatch, and the most pleasant seconds come when I take my stick with a rubber ball. Riding it […]

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Knocked-up hole spread up

It’s amazing how your future child is created and unleashed into the world through a hole so tiny. No wonder I have such a strong passion for self-exploration with my pregnancy. I don’t know where I got this speculum, but it fits perfectly for the purpose I slowly spread my fleshy lips, reach for the […]

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Pregnant, pinned and penetrated

There is hardly anything a horny knocked up chick would not try to keep down her terrific desire I am totally in love with those pins, they bite into me like little sharp kisses. Don’t they look on me like some intricate jewellery?

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Rosy flesh pumped

Again the desire pulsating inside my swollen flesh is so immense I cannot resist some kinky pleasures. I hate abstinence, and my nipples and pussy lips are on serious fire. Pumping just suits perfectly here Oh, it feels so really great, with my most tender bits pumped the only thing I can do is rub […]

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Preggo pleasures

You can’t even imagine how incredibly horny I feel, with my breasts and pussy swollen from my would-be maternity. And that big belly feels and looks so lovely I just can’t but yield to that immense temptation Doesn’t my nude marble white body look even better, adorned with drops of wax? I know it won’t […]

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