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This girl looks pretty hot, but still I’d add some decorations for more brightness of her delicious body. Even though it’ll be pretty uncomfortable for them to have sex in this position, but nobody asks them her. Right?

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Mega Titties.

Today I’m testing this big-tittied babe. This is one of the most delightful testing I’ve ever had. You’ll realize why once you see it.

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Wrapper in red

I either go as far as it is only possible, or not go at all. If I can’t have complete control, I’m not in. This one was obedient enough to let me take all her movement abilities and feelings, too. Look how wonderful this wrapping looks She lies quietly, not able to do anything, and […]

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Bondage and Weights.

Let’s check how enduring these 2 milksops are. Is there anything better for a good old perverted me rather than listening to them both crying? Give afemale body into my disposal and I’ll be most happy. Give me 2 female bodies and I’ll be on the seventh heaven from pleasure.

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2 models, 2 crotches+2 anuses, 2 vaginas, some experimental freedom. This lovely creature is about to get poured with boiling wax. First I scald her inner and outer cuntal lips and then I try to get into the very depths of her vagina and anus.

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