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busty fetish girl punished with torture

This busty oriental slave just can’t seem to get enough action. She was begging her master to really give her a full hardcore workout. She didn’t want him to hold back at all she just wanted to suffer, and she wanted it right now. Her master was more than happy to obey by her request, […]

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Cuffed and pounded

Just how many of you men dreamt about cuffing your girl to your bed and using her in whatever way you want? Now I can tell you it feels so damn good Look at this slut, unable to move any of her limbs, only moaning as I facefuck her with my veiny sausage. I realize […]

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skinny blonde babes electro pain fetish

Slave girl Gina is getting some serious pain to her entire body as she lays down and takes some sweet electro pain fetish. She is such a skinny babe but from the looks of her she is not going to have a problem taking this punishment. Her master gets her tiny boobs and attaches the […]

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Latino slave girl punished with torture

This Latino slave girl looks totally hot as she is getting used and abused by her mucho slave master. He has this bitches hands tied up in the air and no matter how much she struggles this Latin babe isn’t going anywhere. Her master has some seriously devious plans for her naked body and to […]

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Slender Mistress giving slave girl hot wax fetish

There is nothing like a good hot wax to keep a bitch in line and this mistress knows it, to punish her naughty slave girl, she decides to inflict this bizarre torture on her exposed body. This sexy mistress wearing a cute red skirt has her submissive slave girl on the floor and right where […]

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Falling to the ground

This is a combination of freedom and restriction I suspended her in a way which made her look as if she falls down from a huge height, floating in the air like a naked angel. I adjusted the length of the ceiling chain so that I could get comfortable fucking her cunt with my strapon. […]

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