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Slave Girl China Pussy And Tit Torture

Mature slave girl China is back for another full blown session of hardcore pain and her Master couldn’t be happier. He gets his slave girl to kneel down as he removes her bra and whips her exposed big tits for his own sick pleasure, this poor babe’s boobs take a nice fucking workout as the […]

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Wrapper in red

I either go as far as it is only possible, or not go at all. If I can’t have complete control, I’m not in. This one was obedient enough to let me take all her movement abilities and feelings, too. Look how wonderful this wrapping looks She lies quietly, not able to do anything, and […]

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Fetish Slut Forced To Tears

Slave girl Emily is used to being punished hardcore and usually takes the pain very well, but today she isn’t enjoying this hardcore fetish session very much at all, in fact, the poor bitch just can’t stop crying not even when her Master asks her to. I think he seems to enjoy it though as […]

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Older mature Bitch loves needle fetish

Tri isn’t your typical older bitch this babe has been around and knows how good it is to feel hardcore pain. So that’s why this fetish babe just can’t get enough of hot needle fetish, she tried it for the first time a few years ago and can’t get enough of if since. Her master […]

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Crystel Loves Her Hardcore Electro Sex

You can tell just by looking at this brunettes naked body that well she has seen a lot of actions over and years, and believe me, she has, but she is still going strong and she still loves her electro shock sex. With her hands bound by thick leather belts this bitch isn’t going anywhere […]

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Amateur Slave Samara Enjoys Bizarre Pain

Samara is usually a very private girl when it comes to her extreme fetish sessions, but she really wanted everyone else to enjoy her hardcore pain sessions, and she figured the only way to do that would be to share the movie she made of her Bizarre pain session. Samara is a girl who likes […]

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