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10 Signs You’re A BDSM Freak in The Bedroom

Written By: Editor - Jul• 14•21

Caution: Don’t proceed with reading this if you’re a boring vanilla-sex person!

It’s completely okay to be one of those people who enjoy the good old classic vanilla sex. Since life is too short to pull off just plain boring stuff; you can do a BDSM test and discover whether you’re a BDSM freak in the sheets. 

According to a survey conducted in 2015 by a renowned condom brand, it was found that almost 20% of millennials enjoy indulging in BDSM regularly. 

It is true that many people are not comfortable with the idea of BDSM. Even if you don’t see yourself as someone who will enjoy being dominated by whips and chains, it’s never too late to give it a shot and try something exciting. What if you end up enjoying the kinky stuff? When it comes to having good sex and getting turned-on like crazy, some things get one in the mood all hot & bothered. 

Signs that You’re Kinky in Bed

If you’ve ever tried (intentionally or unintentionally) & thoroughly enjoyed any of these things during a sexual encounter then you’re most likely to be a BDSM freak. 

  1. Pinching your partner’s nipples
  2. Spanked your lover’s butt
  3. Like getting rough and aggressive in bed
  4. Gave hickeys on your partner’s neck and other parts of the body
  5. Loved getting controlled and dominated
  6. Tried ‘Pretend & Play’ involving your favourite character 
  7. Reenacted a steamy sex scenario 
  8. Tied up your lover in bed
  9. Blindfolded your lover and surprised him/her
  10. Asked your partner to perform a certain act on you

Not just these, there is a lot more to this fantasy-filled world of BDSM. If any of the above-mentioned stuff seems familiar then you’ve already made your way into this amazing world of kink. It is never too late to dive headfirst into the details of what this term means and how you can make it work for you. Opening up about your deeply desired kinks & fetishes is thrilling and will increase the odds that your partner will open up too. Pushing aside the fear of negative response or being judged, you can maybe talk to your lover about the best sex you had with them. Sharing what you find erotic and fun will help him/her get comfortable enough to express their particular kinks too without getting ashamed of it. 

What is BDSM?

The ‘B’ and ‘D’ in the term BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline. Bondage refers to the act of pinning your partner to the bed. For this purpose, you could use a silk scarf or fancy handcuffs. This is just to restrict your partner from moving and let them enjoy being dominated by you. 

Discipline comes into play when you make use of devices such as whips to physically punish your partner as much as he would happily enjoy. Watching dirty scenes together, turning them on and teasing while denying sex is one way to go about it.

The ‘S’ and ‘M’ in BDSM stands for ‘Sadism’ and ‘Machoism’. In most cases, people get sexually satisfied when there’s a combination of pain and pleasure. All thanks to ‘50 Shades of Gray’ for introducing & spreading the concept widely. The use of whips, belts and chains is now quite common. Even pouring hot candle wax is an excruciating pleasure for a lot of women out there. It does include all the physical punishment you get during the sexual encounter including bruises and bites. Acting out a steamy sex scenario or a hot nurse-patient fantasy is also fascinating at times. 

The best thing is you can try BDSM anywhere. If you’re in an LDR, you can simply dominate your partner and perform all your dirty acts and kinks via a virtual video call

Lastly, no matter what kink or fetish floats your boat; just make sure you & your partner are on the same page. You should talk about consent, level of intensity and a mutually chosen ‘safe word’ before you begin.

My Wife Is A Submissive

Written By: Editor - Mar• 29•21

Dinner was actually a nice memory, and also the dishes had been drying out in the rack. I was trying to getting a
nice evening by yourself with my wife Madeleine. Maybe a film or some TV on cable sounded positive just then.

“Honey?” Madeleine called from the cooking area, “could we sit down and also speak for some time? Do not switch on the TV, please?” she asked. I noticed in the background of her tablet that she had a website called Maitresse BDSM open on a rather naughty site.


We’d just celebrated the second wedding anniversary of ours, and one thing was wrong – I simply could not put the finger of mine on it.

I sat down on the family room couch, and waited for Madeleine, who quickly came out and joined me. She appeared
to be a little anxious, and I wondered exactly what she was going to state that was very important.

“Joe, this’s gon na be very hard – & I do not need you to disrupt, please. I have got a thing very
tough to say about the connection of ours – and also it has been killing me for days now.”

“Okay,” I replied, “go ahead.”

Madeleine was thirty two, 5 foot six, and extremely appealing. Smallish breasts were had by her along with , and a trim figure kept
herself fit though exercise and diet.

“I wish to apologize for the conduct of mine in bed these last several weeks. I was unresponsive and simply laid there
until you climaxed, subsequently refused to cuddle afterwards.”

“I just thought you’d a thing on the head of yours, darling – and I am certain once you have talked it out there, it is going to be all over as an issue.”

“You’re very sweet Joe – and I am going to lay something really heavy on you.”

“An affair?” I asked.

“No – it is the past of mine. When we had been dating, you never ever asked me the moment what I’d done previously. You stated you
did not wish to pry, and also it was not one of the company of yours. You did not wish to find out – and also be jealous – about any of
the former partners of mine. Plus I kept my mouth shut – perhaps I ought to have spoken up.”

“Has a former boyfriend go back into your life?” I asked.

“No – unless you count a ghost of a single. What I did with Burt, 1 of the former boyfriends of mine has come again to
haunt me.”

“All right,” I asked, “who’s Burt? Has he returned to make an effort you?”

“Burt died in a traffic crash 3 years ago, just before we began dating. When we met, I was nonetheless sad
and in mourning, plus you actually swept me off the feet of mine – and also we married each year later.”

“So what is the problem?” I asked.

“There’s no simple way to place this, Joe. I was Burt’s sex slave.”

“Huh?” I answered dumbly.

“You understand what sadomasochism is?” Madeleine asked.


“Well, I was engaged in a S&M relationship for Burt for nearly 3 years. I was his willing submissive.
I was spanked, whipped, cropped, placed in bondage – you name it. And I liked it all.”

I sat there on the couch, speechless.

“When we married, I locked away most of Burt’s toys in my business closet. You were not interested about them,
were you?”

“The closet was the space of yours, I did not wish to intrude.”

“I believed that by locking them out in the closet I might shut off that period in the life of mine. But when I had
the flu and needed to stay home, I was bored silly. So 2 months ago the closet was opened by me – and every one of those
desires came back in a hurry. Like they’d been pent up for years.”

“I do not understand what to say,” I answered stupidly, in shock.

“Come, we need to go the office of mine. I will demonstrate my former sexual life.”

I followed the upstairs of her to the office of her. We’d purchased a three bedroom house, and one bedroom was converted into Madeleine’s office. She’d the table of her, filing cabinet, computer, and another chair within the space.

“Have a seat, honey, please,” Madeleine implored.

I sat in the additional seat and waited. She opened the closet door. Inside were two big chests, and a
garment bag. I’d never thought opening them, actually, as I’d respected the privacy of her.

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PVC Outfit Spanking

Madeleine unzipped the garment bag first, and also removed something dazzling for a hanger.

“This is my PVC Catsuit,” she started, “zipped into it, I seem all shiny and powerfully sexy. Even more so when I am perched on heels that are high, or perhaps sporting thigh high ones – which I will demonstrate in a moment.”

“Here’s my PVC bodysuit – looks great wearing sheer to waist pantyhose, also with boots. My PVC straitjacket – for those times when Burt will restrain me for several hours. My maid’s outfit too in PVC – he will buy me to put it on as well as clean the home of his, and also when I was completed, I will get yourself a spanking or perhaps more.”

“Why just PVC?” I questioned, “aren’t you meant to like leather & rubber also?”

“Leather garments might be really expensive and usually they are custom made. Rubber is pricey, and difficult to take care of and may tear. Great for fashion shoots in the fetish mags, but annoying in life that is real. PVC is
affordable when compared with the other 2, is very easy to take care of – I normally clean these in the sink with Woolite – and is a great compromise.”


“Burt was rather smart. He did not need me to purchase this stuff tight, therefore in case I acquired a number of pounds it will be ineffective. In the last year I was able to apply a little weight – middle era, I suppose – so I will be able to place into all my fetish gear.”

Madeleine changed the items within the clothes bag, then dragged out among the chests. She started it, and
handed me a set of extremely high-heeled shoes – that had padlocks on the straps!

“You will not find those in 9 West, Joe. Here is 2 pair of boots with five inch heels, one knee high, and
the alternative thigh high. Ideal for one night away on the town,” Madeleine observed.

She dragged out another chest, then started it. It was great.

“Here’s several bondage videotapes. Many of them are fairly silly, actually. I was seeing them when I was
recovering from the flu – that is what brought everything back.”


“My book collection, beginning with Story of O. I have received some Masquerade titles, Silver Moon, Blue Moon, and
Black Lace. Plus a few picture magazines from HOM of females in bondage. Not a terrible little collection,

Bondage Toys For Fun

Madeleine handed me a couple of paperbacks – from the titles of theirs and cover description I did not must imagine way too hard about the contents.

“Finally, my bondage toys. Here is a ball gag trainer, dildo harness, bracelets, then butt plug. I likewise have a
riding crop, , and flogger whip.”

“Wow,” I stated dumbly, “that’s rather a selection.”

“Thank you,” she stated, seating herself in her office chair, facing me.

“What do choose then?” I asked.

“I want you to be the Master of mine, Joe. Please?” she implored.

“Pass that by me, once again, please?” I replied.

“I need you being the Master of mine – with a capital M – in a D/s relationship,” Madeleine answered.

“D/s?” I asked, “what does that mean?”

“I always keep on forgetting you do not understand the language – D/s mean Dominance & submission. Essentially, I would like you to take over me – and I have got a really good toy selection already purchased you are able to use.”

“You’re a pervert,” I criticized.

“You know, I always hated that word. Something besides vanilla sex, as well as you come to be a pervert.”

“Vanilla sex? Does that go with ice cream?”

“No, nevertheless it does mean bland, uniform, missionary position sex. I have been subjected to something a little
distinct – and now I have discovered that I simply need to have it again.”

“Isn’t our lovemaking up to scratch? Are not I a great lover?” I plead.

“Honey, you are a kind, considerate, male that is good to get in bed. You continually be sure to make me come and provide me happy afterwards. But additionally to I want a bit more from sex.”

I acquired the riding crop from the chest and also flexed it with the hands of mine, feeling the leather surface area and square tip.

“Burt actually used this on you?” I asked.

“Sure, tons of times.”

“You point out that with the a straight face – I feel like Candid Camera will appear and point out this was all a ruse – is not it?”

“No darling, it is not a joke. My D/s relationship with Burt was deadly serious.”

“Then exactly what did you 2 do together?”

“All sorts of things,” Madeleine answered, “I would misbehave in public and privately, and also obtain spanked or maybe cropped. Occasionally I would dress as a Maid, and split a glass, and also get punished. I would use the collar of mine and
bracelets, and also have to perform the housework totally naked.”

“And this turned you on?” I replied, “getting beaten on
a frequent basis?”

“There’s a huge difference between obtaining beaten up with injuries that are severe and also landing in hospital emergency room, along with being in a D/s scene and having nothing much more than a number of whip marks and a warmed bottom to indicate for it,” Madeleine answered.

“Whip marks? Warmed bottom? This’s very easily the most fantastic conversation I have previously had – I feel as I’m
speaking with Alice in Wonderland. Or perhaps could it be the Mad Hatter?”

“Honey, I am able to estimate the way you should think just now,” Madeleine began.

“To understand I am married to a sex pervert?” I answered.

Screaming Climaxes

“But I was Burt’s submissive for 3 seasons – and I liked it. The weekends simply did not come fast enough
for me getting back into becoming a slave. I enjoyed using the collar of his, and also remaining gagged while he flogged me gave me top orgasms ever. Until, that’s, he has taken me to bed later, and I’d the most screaming
climaxes in the world.”

“And you would like me to perform that you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered.


“Yes, seriously,” she replied.

“You’re not kidding, are you?”

“No. A great deal of time ago, Burt has taken me to an S&M set in the city. A woman was met by me there who informed me that
submission was a part of the life of her – she’d been wrecked by her contact with a Master – and she was never happy with regular sex again. Now I recognize exactly what she meant. And so, dear husband, will you
satisfy your wife’s sexual wants and be the Master of mine as well?”

Madeleine then rose from the seat of her and knelt before me. In her hands had been the riding a, gag, and crop pair
of gleaming stainless handcuffs.

“Please?” she requested, “Master?”

“I am most likely going to regret this, but of course, I will be the Master of yours. Even in case I do not understand what the hell I’m
doing,” I answered.

“No problem, Master. I will teach you everything you have to understand. You will be both a fantastic husband and
Master in no time!”

Punishment Joy with Annie

Written By: Editor - Mar• 16•21

The line of mine of work requires driving as well as connecting TV’s to the clients of ours that are not in a position to do it. Most often it is more mature or informed people who need the services of mine, that had been the situation – a minimum of that is what I thought – when I went in to the dealership to handle for the supervisor.

An older couple came in, bought a cable ready tv and then requested it be sent to the home of theirs. I informed them I was the person who took proper care of these installations and also added that I would be more than the next day to hook up the system of theirs. As the shop was left by them, it looked like their niece or daughter – a really appealing young woman had come to the shop to meet up with them. Right after a fast talk with the older couple, the female came in and informed me that she will be home the next day to accept the television provide. I watched her exit the shop, so that as the mild hit the sundress of her, I can see she used no panties underneath. Her perfect ass as well as break had been totally apparent from my vantage point. Upon reaching the home of her the following day, I was abruptly snapped into an enhanced sexual state.

The forward door to the house of theirs was available as was the screen door – and also the fingers of mine have been filled with gear, I allow myself in. Immediately, the heady aroma of sex was in the atmosphere. I called out to Annie but received no reply. Next I noticed her; completely naked, sprawled away on the floor with the back of her from a banana along with the couch buried in her twat.”Close the door,” she said fast!

Today, this was an unusual scene. Below was this gorgeous, youthful brunette, who I would just met one day earlier, presented to the family room floor with Chiquita bananas all around her. Most of them had been unpeeled save for one in the hootch of her, which she would once rub the clit of her, together with the camera Annie was urging me to invest the lower portion of her pussy,closer to the ass of her that of course I did.I could not believe just how difficult my cock was from observing Annie’s box devour bananas.It really harm and I attempted to rearrange myself to ease the pain. “Take the pants of yours off,” Annie breathed. “Let me visit your hard cock.” With the 2 bananas sticking out of her snatch, Annie handed me a last unpeeled this time.

“Stick it in me between the others.”

With a single hand on the rock hard cock of mine, I caught the banana in with my other. Inch by inch Annie’s cunt accepted. Annie was currently wanting me to fuck her with it. “Push it in farther; then pull it out there, oh sure, that is it,
primarily harder.”

The rhythm of my jacking off was really hard to continue with since I was actually into providing Annie the banana boning she desired.The more difficult I plunged the unpeeled banana in, the more soft the 2 peeled people became. As the tempo of ours increased – Annie’s groans as well as screams of pleasure and my plunging I can feel a great burning in the toes of mine and also the underside of the shaft of mine. A short time later I stood up and also shot the wad of mine all over Annie’s face that is pretty.

Still tough, Annie was selected by me in place by the hips of her, turned her away form me & laid the upper body of her throughout the couch.She was yet relatively hazy about that which was happening, but when she sensed the dick of mine the quim of her, she understood.

“Grab another banana, and then unpeeled,” Annie breathed anxiously. “Quickly set it in the ass” of mine I did as ordered, picking up the camera I’d taken from the gash of her, that had been already well lubricated from the prior poking.The sensation of plowing Annie’s banana-puree-packed pussy was indescribable. All of that smashed fruit made
the fit great and tight – a gooey and warm luxuriously feeling. The banana in Annie’s ass was all of the way in, aside from the tapered and dark end. Annie was currently howing, & I worried I’d gone far up her fudge, though she stated it felt good and yelled to fuck her hard and quick. Thrusting in as well as out Annie’s favorite package was from this world. Every time I pulled out, several banana chunks announced the root of mine. A couple of seconds later on I was
recording the warm stingy load of mine serious in Annie’s juicy gash. Next we changed locations and assumed the “69” job. I ate all of the smashed berry out of Annie’s cunny, lavishing the lower extremities of her with the gifted tongue of mine.

Annie additionally displayed some well versed oral antics, sucking the banana of mine coated cock and being careful to capture all of the loose pieces of banana which were lodged in the pubic hair of mine and underneath my nuts.After cleaning set up a little, I installed the latest monitor of theirs and said goodbye. Upon reaching the shop the boss of mine asked what took so very long but I told him he would certainly not believe it.

Japanese sub Devils whipped

Written By: Editor - Jan• 13•21

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Alternative lesbian slave Violettes

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Kittys Slave Training

Written By: Editor - May• 01•20

Her breasts are sure with cable ties, and clamps bite into her nipples and cunt, and serious metal weights are connected. Depersonalized with a jackboot bag, she is additional aghast with a vicious weapon, and her most intimate areas are burned with flash cotton. She is punched within the abdomen and thrown to her knees, wherever she is plunged into a bathtub of water, soaking the bag over her face.

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Finally, she admits defeat and vows to serve him. underneath orders, she dunks herself within the temperature reduction water to demonstrate her obedience, and kisses his boots just like the slave she is

Shaz Morgan Enslaved

Written By: Editor - Apr• 02•20

Filthy Shaz returns to ShadowSlaves after a year lengthy break. A lot has changed in that time. If she was hoping for a warm and gentle welcome again she was in for a shock. Dragged in, hooded and handcuffed, Magick wastes no time reminding her what it is to be a ShadowSlave. She is beaten difficult where she lays, before her retraining even begins.

A cigarette to calm her nerves, becomes a breathtaking and humiliating made smoking session, along with her mouth as the ashtray. Her will is broken early on, as Magick exploits her worry of drowning, repeatedly dunking her head in a bucket of freezing water, leaving her crying and terrified. Clothespins bite and distort her face, as her pubic hair is brutally torn and burnt.

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Finally, she is prepared for her first day back with the ShadowSlaves. Bound to a cross, Magick ensures she is desperately aroused, earlier than heavy weights are swung from her cunt, even as repeated electric shocks tear into her stretched labia.

The devices used to deliver the shocks grow to be steadily more brutal, as greater shocks are introduced mercilessly, across her whole bare body. Her screaming and crying is to no avail, and her foul-mouthed protests are rewarded with a very last lesson, as her mouth is washed out with bitter soap.

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BDSM Community

Written By: Editor - Mar• 14•20

Alternative Island. A BDSM Community site, set up by real life BDSM people who will explore the past, present and future ideals of every alternative practice/fetish/lifestyle including the Gorean Community in hopes to allow others to gain knowledge of those around them including themselves.

We will have galleries featuring a different practice/fetish/lifestyle each month. We also have a chatroom and forums for members to grow and learn amongst others interested in the same ideals as themselves. We will also have interactive games and BDSM e-cards.

Inferno of BDSM

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Fetish movies and bdsm videos

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Goth Painjunkie Punished

Written By: Editor - Apr• 15•16


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