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Bizzare Indian Babe Electro Shocked

This eastern fetish model Sahara is used to being humiliated and treated like a slave. That’s why her Master loves her Indian pussy so much and enjoys inflicting bizarre pain on her. Today her master blindfolded her but didn’t explain what he was going to do with her awesome Indian body. She was standing there […]

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Skinny Chick Craving Needle Sex

The Master is in and this time he is in a really bad mood he needs someone to inflict some pain on. Lucky for him his patient today is none other then the very skinny but very naughty Wynter she is always up for a good round of Needle torture and shows everyone how it […]

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Hot Maid Taking Hardcore Punishment

Danii Black wants to be a Maid for her Master, but well he doesn’t just take any bitch that comes along she must prove herself worth first and survive the challenges that the Master has made for her. The Master gets one of her boobs and slides some rope between her nipple ring and lifts […]

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Isabel Enjoys Bizarre Candle Wax Torture

Isabel Dean has always had a soft spot for crazy fetishes. She tends to like all the bdsm action that would make most fetish girls quiver with fear but not with this babe she will and quite often does try anything at least once. Not long ago Isabel had hot candle wax for the first […]

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Japanese Babe Enjoying Pain Session

Japanese Bondage slave Tigerr loves to experience anything that is unusual, so when she heard about this man that specialized in full hardcore Japanese torture she couldn’t wait to make an appointment to see him. It turns out this dude had actually heard of her and was going to ask her to come around and […]

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Dominant Lesbian Girl Friends

Madison Young doesn’t mind being called a sex slave, she thinks it’s kind cute in a Bizarre way I guess, her very dominant lesbian girl friend Jay thinks she is just the cutest thing even and thinks she deserves to be given loads of hardcore pain. Madison is in love with Jay, so she will […]

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Bizarre Mouse Trap Torture For Daniella

Daniella is back for some more Bizarre pain. It seems like this busty bitch just can’t be happy, unless she is getting some extreme fetish acts done to her. Like today, she wanted to try something different and when her Master suggested she tries this new mouse trap torture that he was working on she […]

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Brutal Punishment For Slave Girl Daniela

Slave girl Daniela is used to some brutal and Bizarre punishments, but after this full on session that her Master has planned for her well she might not want to experience this again so soon. Daniela gets strapped up to a gymnastics wooden device where her nipples get some extreme mouse trap torture done to […]

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Crazy Bitch Loves Needle Torture

This Short haired bitch Kira has some serious fetish needs, she is a total needle freak, and her Mistress just can’t seem to satisfy her desire to be pricked with countless needles. It seems the more intense her Mistress gets with the needles the more her girl friend Kira wants. Well, she has decided to […]

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