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Changing sensations

The most amazing thing about all these kinky pleasures is the sudden change of sensations that brings the thrill which defines the entire BDSM scene. Seconds ago this victim of mine had her pulses racing because of the complete movement and sensory deprivation caused by my wrapping. And now I quickly tear off the layers […]

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Greed and gymnastics

I just can’t get enough of her pussy. This urge makes me put her in most unimaginable positions ever This time I chained her limbs and forced her to make a bridge, making it all look like some perverted gymnastics. Of course she was naked, and this gave me a perfect opportunity to work on […]

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Swollen goods

I can move neither my arms nor my feet. Okay, I can in fact move them, but this movement does not change much in my position. I feel completely exposed to the power of my mistress. As soon as I see her grabbing all these glass suction devices, my heart starts beating faster. It means […]

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Heavy pounding

This slut was caught using a dildo secretly. I’ll teach her a lesson that will make her never ever touch herself again I feel my anger build up as I restrain her limbs and reach for the biggest insertables I got in my dungeon. I choose the heaviest, the thickest, hoping she will walk away […]

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Spread up and stuffed

I know you love control, bitch, and there is no better control for me than suspending you in a way which makes you unable to move but leaves all your juicy bits uncovered. I think I’ll intensify your punish spreading your legs really wide and hard so that you can’t move a muscle. I can […]

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