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Cum eating challenge from your cheating girlfriend

Written By: Editor - Jan• 11•24

Hey, baby. It’s me, your girlfriend, Kendra Lynn… and have I got a naughty cum-eating humiliation story to share with you tonight…

My voice was low, seductive as I whispered into your ear. “Honey, do you want to play a little game with me?” My fingers traced down your chest, lingering over your hard muscles and eliciting a shiver from you.

“Tonight we’re gonna try something new,” I continued, my lips brushing against your jawline. I could feel your body tense in anticipation. “Do you see this used condom?” I held it up for you to inspect. “All filled with ooey gooey jizz?” I emphasized each word, knowing it would drive you completely crazy.

Kendra Lynn cheats on you and wants you to eat the cum

“You wanna know who filled this condom with all that cum for me?” I purred, running my fingers over the warm latex. “It was the big black guy down the road.” Your eyes widened in shock and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh. “I know it’s hard to hear this,” I taunted, standing up from the bed and strutting around to face you. “But honey, he comes and fucks me every day that you’re gone!”

Your expression turned from shock to hurt and anger. But I didn’t care. Not when I had a plan in mind for tonight. A deliciously wicked plan.

“So,” I said, circling back to sit on your lap, facing you. “I thought I’d save one of his condoms and we can have a little fun with it.” My hand reached between us, stroking your hardened cock through your pants as my other hand held up the used condom once again.

“How are we gonna have fun?” I asked, leaning in close. “I want you to eat his cum!” Your eyes widened in shock once again, but this time mixed with disgust and disbelief.

“Be my little motherfucking cuck!” I finished triumphantly before claiming your lips in a deep, possessive kiss.

I could feel the heat radiating from your body as you struggled to process my words. I knew you had always been a bit of a submissive, but this would mean dipping your toes into bisexual fantasy, and I never thought you would actually go along with that!

But here we were, on the brink of making it a reality. And I couldn’t wait any longer.

Pushing you back onto the bed, I climbed on top of you and straddled your hips. My hands reached for your pants, undoing them and pulling them down along with your boxers. Your cock stood proud and erect, throbbing with need, clearly craving the taste of this stranger’s cum on your lips and tongue. Oh, you’re a very naughty boy, aren’t you?

“You want this?” I teased, running my fingers lightly over my pussy lips. You nodded eagerly, desperate for release. “Well, you’re not gonna get it,” I smirked before sliding off of you and standing up beside the bed.

“Instead,” I said, standing over you again with the condom, “you’re going to eat this.” Your eyes widened in shock again as I held up the forbidden condom filled with the evidence of my cheating.

“Now,” I commanded, crouching down beside the bed and holding the condom close to your lips. “Open wide.”

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