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Naked slave girl Isabel crying with candle wax

Isabel is not crying at the moment because she is unhappy, in fact it is quite the oppisite. This hot slave girl is getting some of the hottest fetish pain she has ever had the pleasure of getting before and it has made this girl cry. But trust me guys these are tears of joy, […]

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Sixtynined in suspension

I want to deprive her of all the feelings, except for the feeling of my tongue on her clit and my cock in her mouth. She can’t’ move at all, I tied her arms and suspended her head over heels. Warming up her twat with toys and tongue, I think about stuffing this helpless body […]

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English slavegirl Emilys extreme clothes peg fetish

Engish slavegirl Emily Sharpe is back for some more sick and very twisted pain torments. This brunette girl is putting her body on the line in this sadistic fetish session from her master. Emily gets totally naked and with her smoking hot body standing right in front of him her master wastes no time in […]

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Amateur fetish needle pain

This hot amateur fetish babe is in for a sweet workout today as her master gives her body some awesome needle torture. He has her lay down on this table and then blindfolds her, now that she can’t see what is going on the action gets underway. Her master takes a needle and with her […]

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Petite slaves girls awesome pain fetish

This skinny slave girl looks pretty fucking sexy as she gets some punishment to that awesome body of hers. It seems this girls master is really on a mission in todays hardcore workout, he ties this slave girls hands together and then sets about tormenting her sweet figure, he starts by pulling on this babes […]

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Hot fetish couple with motorbike

Janna and her master are really a hot couple, they love their extreme fetish action and both share a passion for Bikes. Today though Janna wasn’t in the best of moods and for some reason she was taking it out on her master, or more she was taking it out on his bike telling him […]

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Fetish babes extreme nipples torments

I love love watching hardcore nipple torture and when I foud this submissive slave girl in action I knew we had to share her torments with you. This babes fetish master has her tied to a chair and she isn’t going anywhere, well not unless he wants her to. He walks over and gets right […]

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Chubby fetish babe lashed with a whip

Rosie is a cute amateur babe that likes to expose her body to various fetish sex acts, and her master seems to think this babe would love some boobie action today so thats just what he is going to give her. This babe is wearing nothing but a pair of stockings, her tits are all […]

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