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Pleased for obedience

Standing almost naked in front of him, I felt like a obedient dog looking to get patted on the head. But it turned out to be more than that. He filled my mouth with a dildo which then was replaced with his throbbing naked cock. Then he fastened me to a special bed, slammed and […]

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Two tied beauties

Nothing is more ecstatic and pleasant than power over two sexy obeying girls, lying at your feet naked. I tie them together like loyal dogs and impale both their holes on a hard stick. These dogs are cute, aren’t they? Just look at them enjoying the same stick inside them I love their nakedness crossed […]

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Riding the plugs

Nothing can replace the pleasure of a proper insertion, when a thick hard stick drives inside you, rubbing your most tender regions. I thought why not just take the largest of these collection of plugs, but then you have to be ready to do that So, to climb to the peak of pleasure step by […]

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Tied and swollen jugs

I approach my victim from behind, trying not to make any noise, so that her only feeling would be the touch of my hands tying the ropes together, which hold her legs just so tight. Aren’t her sizeable boobs really great? Just the perfect size for some sweet tying punish. Watch me tying these huge […]

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Spank my ass, Master

Do you know that chilling feel of half pain, half pleasure, when your Master’s hand meets your butt and makes that delicious slapping sound, again and again? I am simply obsessed with entrusting my buttocks into the power of my perverted Master. Just watch how he slaps me with his masterly passion and then uses […]

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