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A love affair of submission

Let us play a game of romance. I will be a powerful Victorian lady, and you’ll be a subservient made secretly in love with your mistress. I meet you, teach you some discipline with steel chains, make you fall on your knees and eat my pussy from below. You moan, swallowing every drop of my […]

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Cold steel fun

I’m totally into these chains with clasps, so small and so strong and so sharp. I especially enjoy the first touch, when my hot swollen flesh is embraced by the cold steel claws. These things look painful, but I’m using them right on my most sensitive bits. And the chains are so great for playing […]

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Melting candles

When I play with myself, I feel like a candle, so tight in the beginning and melting away with the fire of passion. This is why I’m so much into candle play. I love stuffing myself with these, even when they are burning, splashing my nudity in hot sticky wax. It reminds me of cock […]

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Femdom in a dark dungeon

I stood their naked, my bare body pressed against the ice cold steel bars. I could barely move because my master was there, behind my back, nearly pressing me into the cage with her power. She bent me over and I felt weakness rise from my toes as the filled me with something really big. […]

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