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Brutal Spanking.

This procedure is required to be performed daily with every maid. They all need to be spanked – the harder, the better. Either way they can forget about their duties and can become lazy and too disrespectful with their masters. But with bruises all over their bodies, they’ll always remember about their duties and they’ll […]

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Nobody had ever treated my precious boobies like that. I had them bound so tightly that I couldn’t even take a breath in. And suddenly this whip came out.

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Heavy pounding

This slut was caught using a dildo secretly. I’ll teach her a lesson that will make her never ever touch herself again I feel my anger build up as I restrain her limbs and reach for the biggest insertables I got in my dungeon. I choose the heaviest, the thickest, hoping she will walk away […]

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Sadistic Delights

It’s so delightful to pour some wax right down the girl’s genitals. The entire body is twitching and groaning. She’s trying to scream, but that’s what the gag is for – to shut her throat up with it. And for her to perceive the master calmly and with tremble, we should stuff a gag into […]

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Clothes-Pegs Torturing

I want any of this no more. He suspended me and added clothes pegs to my body one by one. The pain was unbearable. I could hardly breathe and had saliva drooling right down my gasping throat. And when the clothes-pegs’ turn came for my genitals, I got so frightened because of the pain that […]

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