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Chains, pins and waxing

This helpless butterfly does not even know the chains fastening her spread-up legs and hands are only the beginning. Her entire body with its most delicate assets is in my complete control I love her trembling when the numerous pins bite into her skin. This is the first layer of pleasure, then goes the hot […]

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Fleshy tits punishd

A female sub with a remarkably juicy body, having only black stockings on, obediently offers her limbs to the master to get hogtied. Shivers of anticipation pass through her meaty breasts and round ass. Tight ropes finally reach her sizeable jugs and squeeze them really hard, making the tit flesh swell with boiling blood…

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Tied up and pleased

When a noble person meets a punishd servant, it is his obligation to help the poor victim out. And who can miss the chance of introducing the poor girl into the world of royal pleasures Gagging, nipple clamps, fisting and penetration with most unusual objects are just some of the delights of the noble. Hope […]

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Servant inspected

It’s amazing how the submissive servants enjoy discipline. Luring them onto the rack for a thorough crotch inspection is a matter of seconds. Oh, this case is more serious than I thought first We’ll have to use a pin wheel to give this flower a proper spread.

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