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Vagina Training

This girl had such a tight vagina…I could hardly plunge my forefinger into the depths of her pussy. Either this girl is about to have the pussy stretching training today or I won’t be able to use her again in the future.

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A Convenient Suspension

Today I’m about to show you a very convenient way of suspending the slave girl for any usage. This pose is good for spanking, for fucking her in any of her crack and for crack training for a better convenience in the future.

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Swollen goods

I can move neither my arms nor my feet. Okay, I can in fact move them, but this movement does not change much in my position. I feel completely exposed to the power of my mistress. As soon as I see her grabbing all these glass suction devices, my heart starts beating faster. It means […]

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The girl is about to get her thrill and excitement through her vagina today. We’ll fuck her with a phallus-drill of an average size. And the drill should be of an average size in order to have it easily turning inside her crack. Her pussy is meant for this type of drilling device.

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Breast Bondage

Some girls starts streaming once they get their big tits tightly tied up. If only I had a cock, I would come with pleasure right down these swollen tits.

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