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Some harsh fun

You’ve been a bad girl, you slut, and you deserve to be punished I’ll put a mask on your dirty face and suspend you like a star to this fillar. Feel these steel pegs on your nipples and pussy lips? It is only the beginning, right now I’m gonna grab my whip and teach you […]

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Whip petting.

I just love to stroke and fondle a beautiful female body. Every woman who finds herself in my hands always reacts very roughly to my every touch and she should do it because I always have whips and lashes stroking” her most sensitive body parts+

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Mild bondage games

It’s rare that you meet such a combination of prowess and resourcefulness. No other man did me like this Not only he was huge and his tool was huge and hard, too. He also blindfolded me, tied my hands, attached steel clips to my pussy lips and then opened my legs clad in white stockings […]

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A Eeward

This girl drew out the lucky lottery ticket and I won’t whip her genitals. I’ll use her crotch as a candlestick I’ll stuff a couple of candles into her pussy and will set them on fire. That’s when I’ll wait until they are totally burnt out and her deep crack is loaded with boiling wax.

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A good grip is most convenient to use the slave in different poses. I’ll show this to you in this set. You can pull her on the cock-pintle like a condom. It’s possible to fuck her in the ass or just cum down her throat. I love it so much. I love everything about it.

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