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hotwaxed fetish babe punished

There is nothing like watching a dirty slave girl taking some serious pain, and this girl really takes it nice and hard in this awesome hotwax fetish movie. This babes master has totally attacked this babes body with loads of dripping hot wax, just look at her exposed boobs and her chest, they are totally […]

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Brunette hot rope pain fetish

This brunette slave girl is getting totally hammered by her master, he has this babes tits getting punished along with the rest of her exposed body. He ties this babe up with some rope and you can see for yourself that her sweet looking boobs are taking some serious fucking pain punishment right now, he […]

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Blonde slaves hotwax

This poor blonde slave is at her masters mercy right now, she is fully tied up and she can’t move not even if she wanted to. Her Master is making the most of this though and his bizarre fetish has already started, he attacks her feet first and with some hotwax he gets this girl […]

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Hot English Slave Girl Fetish

English slavegirl Janna is about to get her body to enjoy some hot bdsm action, but before that happens this horny slave girl decides to get herself in the mood first. So before her Master enters the room she uses her finger to fuck herself and get herself into the mood for some hot poain […]

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Skinny fetish babe in a cage

When this tender slave girl got sick and tired of all the same fetish acts her master knew he had to show this girl something to really rock her world, he figured she would get a real kick out of some intense cage torture fetish so he settled on that. It had been ages since […]

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extreme fisting pain fetish

Extreme pain comes in many forms as well all know, but picture this for something to do when you are feeling bored. This master has his naughty little slave girl right where he wants her, she is really at his mercy here and you will see why. He has this fetish babe all masked up, […]

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Pegs and wax

I love when pleasures combine. I’m especially into combining different sensations, like the hot and sticky feeling of wax with grip and control of the pegs plus the feeling of being full with a dildo. As the wax on my breasts get colder, I keep my skin warm with an army of bright pegs. The […]

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Chaos Gets Tortured And Shocked

Slave girl Choas is one of the more serious types of fetish slaves, but don’t let that stop you from checking this blonde bitch out in action as when she gets in the mood to have her fetish body tortured one thing you can be sure of is she is going to put on one […]

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Bizarre electro fetish for nimue

Naughty slave girl Nimue is back for some more bizarre punishment today and she is really getting it hardcore. It seems she was in the mood for some electro shock sex and her master figured he would also give this girl a dose of crazy hot wax fetish while he was at it. Her master […]

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