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A bit of naughty medicine

You’re a grown-up girl already, you certainly had been to a girl doctor before? Did he feel you up, like this? Oh, I’m getting jealous To leave the unpleasant thought I spread your pink with this cold steel speculum and replace this tool with the rubber one attached to my crotch. This rack is rougher […]

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Legs lifted, pink pierced

I feel that the movement deprivation no longer gets you started that much. I think I need to complicate your situation a bit, spreading and fixing your legs so wide that tears nearly run down your sweet cheeks. You’re focused on the feeling down your crotch and barely notice me biting on your nipples with […]

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Live at Antwerpen Fetish Fair

Blonde amateur slavegirls public bdsm and alternative fetish thrashing on stage at a kinky fair in Belgium. Mystiques in chains and bullwhipped on her bare butt in front of a large audience at the fetisch fair. Paddles and single rump whips are also used to mark her increalingly red and hurty rear end to the […]

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Excellent Dungeon Furniture

YAY for a gothic Femdom throne. We have a selection of different colors in leather, including the debutant midnight purple which has just been added to our collection. This throne can be purchased with two separate seats. One for Dominiatrix to sit on and the other for water sports. The chair is extremely comfortable for […]

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The 5th Annual Whip Boxing Championship

The BBB is pleased to announce that the Leather Family will once again be running another Whip Boxing contest! If you were there in previous years, you’ll know what a mad event it is (well, it is the Leather Family after all!)   It’s an event that’s impossible to describe in print, so if you haven’t […]

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Presenting The Pain Sluts

Painsluts is your one stop for anguish craving Bdsm slavegirls. We feature free Sadomaso picture galleries. S&M Videos and information on a wide range of female slavegirls who has shown an spectacular appetite for pain and punishments. Being a pro S&M model is no necessity to be featured at Painsluts. All you need is good […]

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