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Naked, spread and fisted

Now, when you are totally naked, gagged and tied all over with these ropes, I have your entire crotch in my complete control. Relax and prepare for some nasty fisting action I adore the way my hand enters your sweet and soft flesh, I see your face twisting in sharp pleasure and it really makes […]

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Mummified and filled

While you are floating without any gravity, being totally covered in wrapping but for your hungry pussy, I want you to feel some penetration. See this string of big black beads? Your legs are fully spread, and these sizeable balls will fill you from the inside up to your limit. I love the way you […]

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Fastened and fingered

Imagine me your personal doctor, you slut. I’ll fasten your submissive body to this pillar, so that your knees and hands are tied up really hard, and then I’ll set my fingers free so that your juicy rosebud gets spread as wide as it only can. I feel you pulsating, you are obviously enjoying this. […]

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Steel chains and cuffs on juicy flesh

Look at her, my gorgeous victim, tied up, gagged and restrained, with her big juicy jugs sticking out in the air, as if calling me to put my powerful hands upon them. So shall I do These nipples are hard as bullets, why not attach some steel to them? Her subdued semi-naked body looks just […]

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