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Pegged in the air

When you are suspended like that, you always remind me of bats who sleep upside down inside dark caves. The only thing which is dark here is the pleasure which you bring me with your sexy and helpless body, hanging in the air and waiting for me to attach my pegs to its most tender […]

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Less gravity, more whipping

You do enjoy being helpless, my beautiful whore. So I’ll just suspend you in the air, like a helpless bird which cannot fly away. Your sexy nakedness is at my total disposal now, and guess what I’m going to do with this whip? I’m going to slap you all over with it, your back, ass, […]

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Rough examination

Ever went to a doctor, you dirty bitch? Forget it, I won’t be so stupid to be careful with you. Rough and raw, this is how it will be Remember this time, this is your first speculum inspection with your arms and legs tied. Okay, don’t be too afraid, let me kiss your crack to […]

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Suspended MUMMY

Everything turned out to be very spectacular. Next time I’ll perform the spanking in the same position.

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Just look at the wild twitching and groaning efforts of these sluts once they have fresh wax slowly streaming all over their breasts, gently flowing into their tight anuses or vaginas. They are groaning hard, convulsing in painful agonies and begging me to stop this. Dummy girls, how can I stop this frenzy if I […]

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