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Tied to a chair and waxed

Come on, my love, proper submission is impossible without being restrained. That chair looks perfect for tying you I love the way your tits bulge out through the dress, let me just tie them over and watch the sweet boobs swell. Lovely Some hot wax will make the picture complete Don’t keep your groans inside, […]

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Clipped flesh on fire

When I was waiting for him to approach, standing there in my exposing lingerie, I felt he was in a special mood today. It turned out to be a day of clipped flesh He used lots of things to squeeze my most sensitive bits, nipples, pussy and even my lips. That is an absolutely erotic […]

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Juicy ass fucked with a bottle

The way she looks when tied and restrained, so helpless and so submissive, makes me even hornier. I wanted to give her a powerful stretch, so I shoved that champagne bottle right into her ass. The moans and groans she produced were so thrilling I could not even hold myself from sucking her toes and […]

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Bad schoolgirl punished

A bad schoolgirl should be taught proper behavior And some spanking is the perfect way to teach you some, you dirty little girl. Yes, including your tits And of course your sweet tight butt, too. Oh, I see your little rose swelling, come on, show everything to your teacher

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