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Blonde babe gets tortured during dinner

Written By: painjunkies - Jul• 14•11

This blonde babe thought it was just going to be another day of hardcore torture by her Master, but when he came down to his dungeon with a table and chairs and even some nice food well she thought he was finally going to do something nice with her. However, she shouldn’t get ahead of herself so quickly as he might be actually going to treat her to a nice dinner, but first this sadistic man wants to give her a full hardcore fetish session, and let me tell you this dude doesn’t mess around, and I wouldn’t blame this blonde babe for getting scared.

Blonde babe gets tortured during dinner

Her master lets her out of the cage, he keeps her in for most of the day, and tells her to get that hot naked body of hers over to the chains, so he can tie this bitch up and get the action started. She knows better than to disobey him, so she does as she is told and stands still while he ties her up. Once she is tied up, he walks over to the dinner table and picks up a meat tenderizer and brings it over to her, he then sets about using it on her exposed body and gives her a decent amount of hardcore pain. Once he was done with that he walks back over to the table and picks up a black marker, but he also picks up a massive knife in his other hand, now she knows he was never going to make her dinner for this crazy dude she might be his next victim! Come and see what happens to this blonde babe now click here.

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