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Hot fetish couple with motorbike

Written By: painjunkies - Mar• 14•12

Janna and her master are really a hot couple, they love their extreme fetish action and both share a passion for Bikes. Today though Janna wasn’t in the best of moods and for some reason she was taking it out on her master, or more she was taking it out on his bike telling him it was a crap motorbike. Well her master loves this bike and he isn’t going to just stand there while this slave bitch makes fun of it, he pushes Janna up to the Bike, then he places his hands around her throat pushing her head all the way back.

Hot fetish couple with motor bike

He is going to teach this bitch a lesson now but something tells me this is just what she wanted him to do. He bends her over the bike and spanks that hot little ass of hers, she is wearing some sexy looking lingerie and you get to see it all as she gets her ass spanked. Her master is going to fuck this slave girl right on his bike now and give that sweet cunt of hers a hot workout, come and see all the hardcore action right now guys just click here.

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