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Short Haired Bitch Having Extreme Pain Fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Jun• 16•11

We all love our fetish babe’s that can handle some of the most extreme pain sessions don’t we? Well do we have a real treat for you today with this short haired blonde girl doing some of the most hardcore weight fetish porn I think i have ever seen. This bitch wanted to experience pain like she has never had before, she has tried some really bizarre fetish porn before but nothing gets her wet like this weight fetish pain, so she is back for some more extreme action. You can tell just by looking at the room that her Master has some serious fetishes, and it seems he is able to cater even for the most severe action. This blonde girl is being suspended in the air at this point and already she can feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of the hardcore fetish.

Short Haired Bitch Having Extreme Pain Fetish

Her master decides to gag her mouth as he knows how much pain she is going to be in, and well he hates hearing bitches screaming during his fetish sessions. So with her mouth nice and shut, he looks her over one last time before he picks up some very heavy looking balls of steel and attaches them to her exposed pussy, I’m not sure how she is able to hold onto these things they must be giving her so much fucking pain, but she does really well to control herself. I can’t wait to see what else this blonde girl gets done to her, so I am going to watch the action now come and join me click here.

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