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Underwater Breath Play Fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Feb• 18•11

We have all see Koko Li the Japanese babe do some pretty crazy stuff before, but this is the first time I have seen her doing underwater breath play. The Master has her upside down. Her feet and hands are bound, and she is being lifted up then dropped into a bucket of water. She is only getting the chance to breath when her Bizarre master wants her to. I bet this Japanese bitch is enjoying all this hardcore fetish. She is always involved in some crazy BDSM sex, so I guess this is right up her alley when it comes to bizarre stuff. Koko is being dunked in and out. You can see her eyes are all red, and she is definitely having trouble breathing, I wonder how much more she can handle.

Koko’s Master removed the gag holding her mouth shut. He wants her to take some water inside her mouth and see how she handles that, all he wants is for this poor babe to start chocking on the water, so she will call it quits, and he will of won. However, this bitch can handle anything this hardcore man can give to her, come and check this BDSM girl out in action just click here.

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