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blonde bitch gets gagged and roped

Written By: painjunkies - Aug• 04•11

This poor blonde bitch really talks way to much and her Master thought it was about time he did something about it, he told her he was going to give her a private session of pain and fetish, and if she wanted to she was more than welcome to join him for it. She didn’t need to be told twice, and she quickly agreed, but then she just didn’t shut up she kept on talking about some crap that her Master didn’t even give a fuck about. He did his best to ignore her though as he knew in a few minutes, this bitch wouldn’t be saying anything again for as long as he wanted to.

blonde bitch gets gagged and roped

He said he was going some rope fetish on her and asked her to pose naked in her latex gloves first, after he took a few sweet photos of her he decided to get the action started, he tied this bitches hands up and then walked over and grabbed the device to put an end to her constant talking. She didn’t look like she cared when he attached it to her mouth but when she realised, she couldn’t talk with it in well let’s just say the Master was happy, but she wasn’t. Come and see what else this bitch gets as her Master gives her some hot pain fetish click here.

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