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English slavegirl Emilys extreme clothes peg fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Mar• 26•12

Engish slavegirl Emily Sharpe is back for some more sick and very twisted pain torments. This brunette girl is putting her body on the line in this sadistic fetish session from her master. Emily gets totally naked and with her smoking hot body standing right in front of him her master wastes no time in getting straight to work on her exposed body. Emily has her hands bound and she is not able to resist her master and his hot pain torture, her brings up some clothes pegs and starts to place them all over Emily’s naked body, now when I say all over that’s just what I meen this babe is totally covered in them, and there is no hiding the look on her face she is fucking loving it.

English slavegirl Emilys extreme clothes peg fetish

Emily is screaming with both pleasure and pain in her, she can feel her pussy getting wet from all the hardcore pain torments her master is giving her and she honestly doesn’t want it to stop. Her master is methodic in her pain torture though and continues to take this girl to the edge and back, she withstands all his fetish sex and ends up begging him for another full on pain session right now. Come and watch one of the hottest fetish babes around in action now just click here.

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