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Extreme pain and breast whipping for Gina

Written By: painjunkies - Apr• 30•11

Gina is a girl who can handle the most extreme nipple and breast torture that I have ever seen. This girl just takes pain like it was nothing at all. Today her Master has something planned for this busty babe that even she might not be able to handle but let’s not keep you waiting let’s see how she does. Gina gets her hands bound by some rope, and her arms are kept above her head. Her Master inspects her ample boobs and plots where he will start his hardcore session of tit torture, he notices she has many tattoos and this is always an indication that they can handle pain and brutal punishment more than others.

With her nipples already pierced it makes it easy for him to attach a heavy silver chain between one nipple and the other. The weight on this is pretty severe and her nipples must be feeling pretty bad right now. However, worse is yet to come that’s for sure, he seems to be feeling extra brutal today as such he attaches not one but four battery clamps to her big tits. You can certainly see she felt these things being attached, the pressure they put on her when clamped on is intense to say the least, come and see what else this big tits babe gets done to her, just click here now and enjoy.

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