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Chaos Gets Tortured And Shocked

Written By: painjunkies - May• 05•12

Slave girl Choas is one of the more serious types of fetish slaves, but don’t let that stop you from checking this blonde bitch out in action as when she gets in the mood to have her fetish body tortured one thing you can be sure of is she is going to put on one hell of a show. And to proove it Choas decided to let all you fetish lovers check out some of her hardcore electro pain movies she had the pleasure of making the other weekend with her master. Chaos gets strapped to a chair and then gets forced to sit there while her master plans his torment on this girls naked body, she knows he is going to use some electro shock fetish on her but she isn’t sure on what part of her body he will start on yet.

Chaos Gets Tortured And Shocked

It seems he is intent on causing this fetish babe as much pain as possible, so after he gags her mouth he goes right for her exposed pussy lips. He hooks his shocking device up to her cunt and then gets right into the action. Poor Choas must be feeling so very helpless right now and that’s just how her master likes it. She is going to endure some sadistic pain here and you are invited to watch it all happen, come and do that now and loads more just click here now.

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