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hot electro fetish session for slave girl nimue

Written By: painjunkies - Oct• 15•11

Nimue is going to be a little shocked today, and not because someone is going to tell her a secret or anything like that. Nimue’s master has organized some hardcore electro fetish for this babe’s sweet body. Her master gets her all restrained before he starts his sick torture on her. She has her hands high in the air and her sweet boobs and pussy all exposed. Nimue experiences some pussy electro fetish first as her master gives this babe some shocking punishment, she is almost in tears already, but you have to understand the amount of pain this sweet babe is in.

hot electro fetish session for slave girl nimue

Her master takes a prod next and uses the electricity flowing through it to great effect. He puts it right up to Nimue’s leg just below her sweet pussy as she feels the shocking effect of this masters hardcore torments. Nimue is one of the best girls to watch in action. She just has this way of making even the most painful fetish look like a holiday. Nimue has load’s more awesome action just for you, come and see all her naughty movies and pics right now just click here.

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