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Hot fetish babe Emma clothes pegs pain

Written By: painjunkies - Oct• 06•11

Let’s face it, we all like to see a naughty girl in pain, and today this babe really takes a beating. She is one fetish girl that won’t be asking for a full hardcore session of fetish from her master in a hurry again. Emma is a chubby amateur pain freak that loves to be tortured, but her master had something to try on this babe that she had never experienced before, and he was hoping she would like it. Emma stripped totally naked as per his request and when she first seen him come out with all these clothes pegs, she wasn’t really sure what to think, but it soon became apparent to this fetish babe that she was going to be getting just what she had asked for, and that was a hardcore fetish session.

Hot fetish babe Emma clothes pegs pain

Her master asked her to keep her hands behind her back at all times, and once she did he took a few pegs and started covering this babe’s boobs with them. They were all over them, on her nipples and pretty much wherever he could get them on. Next he went for this girl’s neck, making sure to get as many on there as possible. He kept on checking out her facial expressions to see how much pain she was in. I doubt this girl thought clothes pegs could cause pain at all, but she is really feeling it now! Come and see more hot fetish action now click here.

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