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Amateur Slave Samara Enjoys Bizarre Pain

Written By: painjunkies - May• 08•11

Samara is usually a very private girl when it comes to her extreme fetish sessions, but she really wanted everyone else to enjoy her hardcore pain sessions, and she figured the only way to do that would be to share the movie she made of her Bizarre pain session. Samara is a girl who likes to think she can handle even the most intense of pain, but today she was going to experience a whole new level of feeling that she might or might not want to experience again. Things start off with her getting some rope fetish, her tits are tied back nice and tight then this man clips loads of pegs all over her boobs giving them a nice level of pain that she has no trouble handling at all.


However, since things are only getting started she knows worse is yet to come. Next, The guy picks up a candle that has been burning away for hours and has loads of hot wax dripping from it. He makes sure the whole thing touches this babes naked body and slowly lets it drip down her causing some pretty awesome burns to her naked flesh. Just when she thinks things could get any worse she gets some hardcore pussy whipping done to her and this makes her scream in pain, come and view Samara’s full pain movie now she wants you to see it just click here.

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