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Bizarre electro fetish for nimue

Written By: painjunkies - May• 01•12

Naughty slave girl Nimue is back for some more bizarre punishment today and she is really getting it hardcore. It seems she was in the mood for some electro shock sex and her master figured he would also give this girl a dose of crazy hot wax fetish while he was at it. Her master straps her into what he likes to call ‘The Chair Of Pain’ and once she is all secure his twisted torments get underway. First he gives her a sweet round of hot wax fetish, he takes a burning hot candle and drips the wax all over her pretty face. This slave girl is in tears when he is doing it but that doesn’t make him stop at all.

Bizarre electro fetish for nimue

Next he decides to give her what she wanted in the first place, he takes out his electro shock tools and attaches them to her exposed nipples, turning it up nice and high he sits back and enjoys watching his fetish slave in hot pain. This fetish girl is forced to endure the sore nipples and hot candle wax fetish just to get some action, click here now and see the rest of the fetish porn.

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