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hardcore fetish pain movie

Written By: painjunkies - Aug• 24•12

I guess that when your in the mood for some pain you’ll use anything you can, and this babe really shows that in this hardcore pain movie. She’s on the bed totally naked and some dude is really making her scream with some awesome pussy action, he’s got a wooden spoon and he’s totally making her cunt beg for it as he slaps her pussy lips with the spoon. He face tells it all this is really causing her some hot pain, but she’s not worried about that as this is just the action she was looking for.

hardcore fetish pain movie

Now that her pussy has taken all the pain it can handle she feels it’s time they moved on and tried some more bizarre fetishes, he picks up a nice big candle and from the smile she gets this babe knows what’s coming next. He looks at her exposed skin and then starts letting the wax drip all the way down the side of the candle and finally onto her body, now there’s no denying it that wax is going to burn and screaming isn’t really going to do much to stop the pain, but it sounds hot either way. Come and see the full clip of this hot pain fetish now guys click here.

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