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Hot Maid Taking Hardcore Punishment

Written By: painjunkies - Mar• 26•11

Danii Black wants to be a Maid for her Master, but well he doesn’t just take any bitch that comes along she must prove herself worth first and survive the challenges that the Master has made for her. The Master gets one of her boobs and slides some rope between her nipple ring and lifts it up high, Danii screams in pain but thats not going to stop the Master from keeping the pressure on her. Finally he realeases it but much to the dismay of Danii he finds something else for her to submit to, he hands her a tray full of glasses and tells her if she drops just one while he is punishing her than it’s game over she won’t get the job.

Hot Maid Taking Hardcore Punishment

So while this busty bitch is standing there holding the tray the Master inflcts even more Bizzare pain on her including putting a candle in her mouth and lighting it up. Overall though he is actually very impressed with how well she is going with everything so far but he has one final challenge for her and it’s going to be sweet to watch, come and check it out now just click here and watch her being punished.

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