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Little Miss Chaos burned and punished

Written By: painjunkies - Apr• 09•12

I’m sure we have all seen loads of fetish girls taking the most sadistic of punishments before, but I urge you to check out the hot action Little Miss Chaos is getting treated to at the moment. This tender slave girl is taking it like a champ in this amazing fetish sex movie, It seems her master is making sure her body takes every punishment he can dish out to her. First he ties this bitch up and then suspends her upside down, she is at his total mercy and he fucking loves it. He gets the fetish action going with a hot pussy workout, he places some candles on top of her exposed pussy and then lights them up, he then just sits back and relaxes until his hears her screaming out in pain as the burning candle wax drips onto her pussy.

Little Miss Chaos burned and punished

He gets his kicks out of watching this babe suffer and he has so much more to do with her not so innocent body. Now he starts torturing this babe all over as he takes the candle and burns various parts of her awesome figure. I’m not sure how much more pain this girl can take but I’m sure he knows and he isn’t about to stop either. Come and watch this naughty fetish babe suffer with some of the most extreme hotwax fetish action you will see anywhere, click here now and check it all out.

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