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Little Miss Chaos Pain Session

Written By: painjunkies - Jan• 05•12

Little Miss Chaos is at it yet again, this naughty slave girl is really getting a hot workout today so much so in fact it is enough to bring this fetish babe to tears, that’s right this seasoned fetish girl is totally crying her eyes out and I will tell you why now. It all started when Chaos was informed by her master that she was going to get treated to a servere pain lesson today, now she thought this sounded like loads of fun but even she couldn’t of know what it was going to entail.

Little Miss Chaos Pain Session

Her master stripped her naked and restrained her hands, she wasn’t going anywhere now, not even if she wanted to. He then started his bizarre torments, he exposes her nude body to some hardcore wax torture first, she gets hot wax dripped all over her body and even that is enough to bring anyone to tears, but he is only just getting started on her. Now he seems intent on making this bitch suffer, he takes out his whip and starts to whip her pussy with it, Chaos is in real trouble now it seems he is in the mood to make this punishment last all day if he wants to, come and see loads more pain action now click here.

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