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Mistress Karina Getting Candle Wax Pain

Written By: painjunkies - Feb• 28•11

Mistress Karina is usually the one dominating other girls but for the moment it is her who is receiving all the punishment. She actually wanted it this way, though she was always the one making other women suffer and submit to her brutal punishment, and she figured it was about time she has seen what it was like to be dominated. Karina gets told to get on her knees and open her mouth. She isn’t used to being punished so even she doesn’t know what to expect. Her new Mistress shoves a candle into her mouth and lights it up. She is then forced to keep it in her mouth even while it is dripping hot wax all the way down to her lips.

Mistress Karina Getting Candle Wax Pain

She can feel the pain on her lips from the dripping wax but there isn’t much she can do about it. She has to put up with the pain until her Mistress says she can stop. Finally, she is able to take the candle from her mouth but her day of torment has just started, next the Mistress gets her to bend over and expose her back it seems she isn’t finished with the hot candle wax yet as she continues to let it drip onto her exposed back. She is starting to get an idea of how much pain, she puts other women through everyday, but she isn’t going to go soft on them now. Check out some more movies with Karina enjoying her punishment just click here.

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