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Naked slave girl Isabel crying with candle wax

Written By: painjunkies - Mar• 29•12

Isabel is not crying at the moment because she is unhappy, in fact it is quite the oppisite. This hot slave girl is getting some of the hottest fetish pain she has ever had the pleasure of getting before and it has made this girl cry. But trust me guys these are tears of joy, this fetish girl loves getting her body tortured and it seems her master is giving it to her just right. Isabel has her hands bound in leather and her master is standing behind her making sure this bitch suffers as he unloads his torments on her naked body.

Naked slave girl Isabel crying with candle wax

This cute babe then takes some nipple fetish from her master and then he really gets into the action, this sadistic man then takes some hot candle wax and lets it drip all over her naked body. It runs down her chest, all over her boobs and finally all the way down to her exposed pussy. Isabel is really letting the tears fly now and her master is totally fucking loving it, come and watch loads more action with this naked slave girl getting tortured now guys just click here now.

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