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Skinny fetish babe in a cage

Written By: painjunkies - May• 13•12

When this tender slave girl got sick and tired of all the same fetish acts her master knew he had to show this girl something to really rock her world, he figured she would get a real kick out of some intense cage torture fetish so he settled on that. It had been ages since he had actually done this as he hadn’t had a willing and slender girl to do it, but she is really keen to get the action going and begs her master to get into it right away. So this skinny babe strips totally naked and gets into the cage, it’s really a tight fit even for this slender girl but already she is feeling like this is going to be awesome.

Skinny fetish babe in a cage

The master is impressed so far as this girl is looking pretty fucking hot right now, it’s such a nice feeling for him knowing he has total control over this skinny babe. He walks around the cage and torments her as he gets ready to punish this babe hardcore. He loves the look of her tight pussy so that’s what is going to take the first punishment, he gets a candle out and starts giving this slave some candle wax torture. The hotwax burns her pussy and makes this girl scream! Come and see her suffer now guys click here.

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