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Slender Mistress giving slave girl hot wax fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Sep• 05•11

There is nothing like a good hot wax to keep a bitch in line and this mistress knows it, to punish her naughty slave girl, she decides to inflict this bizarre torture on her exposed body. This sexy mistress wearing a cute red skirt has her submissive slave girl on the floor and right where she wants her. She is standing over the top of her just waiting for the right moment to drip the hot candle wax down onto her sweet looking boobs. Figuring now is the perfect time to do it, she tips the candle over and starts letting the wax drip all over her. The look on this slender blonde babe’s face is priceless there is no doubt in my mind it is giving this girl loads of sweet pain.

Slender Mistress giving slave girl hot wax fetish

She pulls the gag from her slave girl’s mouth as she wants to hear this bitch scream as she tortures her body, then she kneels down just so she can get more hot wax to drip out all over her body. She now moves from her boobs to her mouth, and she lets some drip onto her fucking lips. This mistress isn’t just a bitch, she is one of the most sadistic girls I have ever seen. She certainly likes to inflict pain that’s for sure. Come and watch this hot babe do what she does best, making people suffer just click here now and see more of her.

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