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Ebony slave girls hot needle pain

Written By: painjunkies - Aug• 26•11

This short haired ebony slave girl thought it would be fun to take a hardcore needle session from her dominant girl friend, but she might of thought twice if she knew this mistress loved inflicting pain with needles, but well, it’s too late for her to change her mind now anyway as the other babe has her right where she wants her. The mistress straps this ebony girls hands together and puts them up nice and high, so she has easy access to her exposed ebony body.

Ebony slave girls hot needle pain

The mistress works this babe’s nipples using her mouth and lips to get her perky nipples as erect as possible. She still isn’t happy with them, so she takes them between her hands and squeezes them nice and tight, and then for good measure, she attaches some clamps to them. Now that they are as hard as possible she takes some needles and inserts them through her exposed boobs, this really turns the mistress on but the ebony babe is looking a little bit worried. The mistress decides to blindfold her and keep going with the bizarre needle torture, come and watch this bitch suffer now click here.

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