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Amateur Gina Gets Needle Fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Apr• 22•11

Gina is a submissive UK slave girl who loves her hardcore fetish, when this girl was asked by her Master to endure the longest needle session he had ever done before she was all for it and didn’t even ask what it entailed. Even so, after this extremely brutal session is over, she is going to wish she did. Gina arrives at the very grungy looking dungeon, her Master is already to go and asks Gina one more time if she is ready to do this, she nods yes, and they proceed. Her Master directs her to take a seat as it will be more comfortable while she is getting needels stuck through her body.

Amateur Gina Gets Needle Fetish

Sitting down she just starts to relax a little when without warning the Master inserts a razor sharp needle right through her Nipple, but he doesn’t stop with just one within a few minutes both of her tits have at least four needles in each of them. She is holding up really well though, besides a few well placed screams, she doesn’t move a muscle. However, things are going from hardcore to bizarre very quickly as he asks Gina to spread her legs and get ready to have her vagina pierced with some very sharp needles. View more explicit movies now just click here.

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