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bizarre fetish babes self torture

Written By: painjunkies - Apr• 25•12

This cute fetish babe is taking on some extreme looking nipple torture on her boobs and even her feet, this babe doesn’t have a master to punish her today but that isn’t going to stop her from giving herself loads of awesome pleasures. This babe strips totally naked and pulls on her nipples getting them nice and erect, she then picks up a long needle and slides it through her exposed nipple, you can see she is in some hardcore pain from this self torture but you also know she is fucking loving it as well.

bizarre fetish babes self torture

She moves onto her soft feet now that she knows are going to take this punishment well, she lifts her foot into the air and then slides a needle into her foot and it goes in so fucking far it comes out through her toe. This is some of the most bizarre pain fetish you will see all year guys and this babe is just getting started with the self torture. Come and watch this hot girl giving herself loads of punishment right now, you never know what this babe is going to do next, click here now and join her for some fun.

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