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Brunette Fetish Girl In Bizarre Needle Pain

Written By: painjunkies - Jul• 10•11

This amateur brunette slave girl is in for what could be the most bizarre punishment her body has ever had to endure, and you think that would worry her? Well, it doesn’t and that’s because it’s what this fetish bitch wants, she knows her body can handle even the most brutal pain, and today she is going to see just how far she can go. Her Master wastes no time getting this bitch ready for some hot needle action. He bounds her tight little boobs together with some rope then ties her to the chair. The poor babe keeps looking around wondering what is going to happen to her tender body next and that’s when she spots the Master gathering his many tools for inflicting pain, one thing is for sure this babe is going to suffer some serious action today.

Brunette Fetish Girl In Bizarre Needle Pain

The Master moves over to her restrained body and focuses on her busty boobs. He picks up a few smaller needles and starts inserting them around her breast. Her face gives it away already this fetish slave is getting some hardcore pain, and the Master has barely even started. He thinks he needs to teach this babe a lesson, as such he drops the smaller needles and goes right for the biggest one he has. Come and see the reaction on this girls face when she notices how big it is just click here.

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