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Lycra Cladded Lesbian Mistress Needle Fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Jun• 11•11

This Lycra cladded Mistress is engaged in some serious action with her lesbian girl friend Crystel Lei. Crystel is sitting in an office chair wearing some sexy red stockings, she starts touching herself up getting all nice and ready for the hot needle action her Mistress is about to give her. Mistress Chaos knows she needs to assert her dominance on Crystel early so she shows her who is in command by restraining her arms and opening her legs nice and wide using nothing but her brutal force of this willing lesbian girl. She gets Crystel to lay upside down while she gets her body ready to endure what will be a long and painful needle sex session.

Lycra Cladded Lesbian Mistress Needle Fetish

Crystel thinks she is ready for the action to get started so she lets the Mistress insert the first needle into her exposed breast, she feels it go right into her boob and lets a little scream out that only gets the Mistress even more excited with her twisted needle fetish. She keeps tearing Crystel’s body apart with some of the most intense needle action I have seen anywhere. Crystel’s body is getting pierced hardcore, and all the Mistress can do is laugh at this poor lesbian babe getting some bizarre pain action. Come and see the rest of the awesome pictures of this fetish porn now click here.

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