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Needle fetish pain for her hot breasts

Written By: painjunkies - Jun• 21•12

Check out this hot pain fetish as this naughty girl allows her sweet looking breasts to be punished by her master. Now he wasn’t going easy on this babe and he really couldn’t as there is no way to make something like needle fetish pain free. But this babe was all for it, she wanted him to take him time and cause her as much pain as he could as she knew it would make her pussy nice and wet. He pricks and prods at her exposed nipples looking for the best way to insert the needle, finally he manages to slide it through to the other side and wow what a look on her face as he is doing it.

Needle fetish pain for her hot breasts

He places some more pins on the outside of her breasts, and pretty soon almost her entire tits are covered in needles and pins. You can see some pain forming on this babe face but it soons turns to pleasure as this babe experiences loads more dark desires. Come and have some fun watching this master make his slave girl suffer, click here and see the full movie now.

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