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Older blonde girls nipple fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Aug• 13•12

Take a look at this older blonde fetish babe, She’s all tied up at the moment and is about to take some bizarre nipple torture from her master. He is looking forward to making her suffer, and once he’s had his way with her this fetish babe is going to beg him to stop the pain. He gets things going with some hot looking nipple action, he pulls down her bra and attaches his pain device to her exposed nipples and then pulls it together causing it to clamp down on her tits and make this girl suffer.

Older blonde girls nipple fetish

Looking at her face you can see just how much she’s suffering, but it’s just getting started for her and she knows it. With her nipples taking the brunt of the punishment he decides not to leave other parts of her body without some pleasure, picking up some needles he inserts them into her breasts and well you can see for yourself just how much she is suffering now. He lays this babe down now and covers her eyes and makes sure to bound her hands, He’s going to give her pussy lips some action now and they both want you to come and watch it happen! Click here now and check it out for yourself.

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